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A high powered Anti Ragging Committee has been setup as per the guidelines of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. Committee is chaired by Principal,along with all H.O.D’s and Hostel Wardens as members.

Till date there is no complaint of ragging or any other misconduct amongst the students because of the collective efforts of Management, Faculty and Staff members.

Any student found guilty of ragging can face severe punishment which may include debarring from lectures and examinations, expulsion from Institute, Rustication or Monetary fine along with FIR with Police.

1. Dr. Tej Singh Chouhan 8239003999
2. Mr. Puneet Sharma 9636020333
3. Dr. Nimba Ram Bhakar 9413101537
4. Mr. Harish Singh Kanyal 8239002999
5. Mr. Vishal Kr. Sharma 7568237247
6. Ms. Vijay Shree Ojha
7. SHO-Phagi Police Thana

1. Mr. N. C Joshi 8239001239
2. Mr. Aditya Gautam 9352426883
3. Mr. Kamlesh Sharma 9785438145
4. Mr. Teekam Singh 9667414127
5. Mr. Deepak Singh 9828797778
6. Mr. Chirag Khattar 9414986411
7. Mr. Surendra Mittal 9460200623
8. Ms. Mamta Rani

1. Mr. Kamlesh Sharma 9785438145
2. Mr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma 9982600300
3. Mr. Pradeep Kukreti 9610825473
4. Mr. Manoj Kumar 9024228872
5. Mr. Ravindra Dhama 9828633302
6. Mr. Pooran Mal Kumawat 9785150843
7. Hostel Warden 9001089666
Student Grievance/Redressal Committee
1. Dr. T. S. Chouhan Chairman Senior Faculty 8239003999
2. Mr. Kamalesh Sharma Member Warden 9785438145
3. Mr. Puneet Sharma Member Admin Officer 9636020333
4. Mr. N. C. Joshi Member Member Counselor 8239001239
5. Mr. Aditya Gautam Secretary Proctor/ Student Counselor 9352426883
Internal Complaint Committee for Women
1. Ms. Vijayshree Ojha Presiding Officer Senior Lady/ Employee
2. Ms. Prabha Devi Member From NGO/Outside Activist
3. Dr. Abhinav Sharma Member Legal Representatives
4. Mr. Puneet Sharma Member Staff/Member Secretary